Matthew Gordon-Banks

CIA Top Dog “Only one with sense”

Matthew Gordon-Banks says “William Burns, Director of the CIA, a career diplomat and former US Ambassador to Moscow is the one person who may act in a sensible manner amongst many in the Biden Administration concerning the conflict in Ukraine”

Gordon-Banks has stated that Burns was a ‘superb’ Ambassador to the Russian Federation and knows what makes the Russians ‘tick’. He suggests that far too many key-opinion-formers in the west have any experience at all of Russia and the Russian people. “Burns has always understood that the Russians have a very genuine fear about the expansion of NATO right up to her borders as has been allowed over the last few decades.

In early November 2021, Burns flew to Moscow, notifying Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of Putin’s security council, that the United States believed Putin was considering a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Burns warned that if Putin proceeded down this path, the West would respond with severe consequences for Russia.[36] John Sullivan, at the time the American ambassador to Russia, recounted that Patrushev was undeterred, “supremely confident”. Upon his return to Washington, Burns informed Biden that Putin had all but made up his mind to take over Ukraine, Burns told him, and the Russians had absolute confidence victory would come swiftly.

‘”The one guy who understands what is going on” –  in the strange, cold war and whacky Biden Administration is William Burns’ – Matthew Gordon-Banks

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