Matthew Gordon-Banks

Different Tactics in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Russia and Ukraine are fighting slightly different wars.

It needs to be remembered that with the new ‘Offensive’, Ukraine and Russia are fighting slightly ‘different wars’ and their tactics are rather different as a result.

  • UKRAINE: is fighting a territorial war of conquest and as a result is throwing much of what it has at the relevant targets seeking to re-take areas held by Russian Forces.
  • RUSSIA: is fighting a war of attrition, withdrawing quickly from an area when it deems it appropriate and responding with artillery & air power, where they have dominance, to seek to recapture areas if they wish.

As Ukraine seeks to advance it first needs to get to Russia’s First line of Defence. If they are successful, Ukrainian Forces will find that each in-depth Russian defensive layer will get harder and harder as these have been well prepared in advance.

The question at this moment is whether Ukraine, which has been losing far more troops than Russia – in its territorial offensive style as opposed to Russia’s attrition tactics – has enough ammunition, equipment and above all troops to drive Russian troops out of the territory they currently hold.


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