Matthew Gordon-Banks

Matthew Gordon-Banks says “Boris Johnson deliberately misled MPs over parties at Downing Street during lockdown”

The House of Commons has decided!

Boris Johnson would have faced a 90-day suspension from UK Parliament if he were still an MP, but quit after seeing the findings in advance.

“For all the hullaballoo on the part of some, the evidence was overwhelming against Boris Johnson” says Matthew Gordon-Banks

He added “Boris Johnson could have handled this whole matter in a manner preventing his ignominious exit from the UK Parliament. The trouble is that whilst many of us make mistakes, usually unintended, in the case of the former UK Prime Minister, he has gone through life thinking the rules do not ever apply to him. I wish him well, preferably away from front-line politics, making money from speeches, writing and so on, from people who are prepared to pay for his musings.

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