Matthew Gordon-Banks

Slovakia prepares for its new government

The new Slovakian Government in waiting, led by election winner Robert Fico and his Party, have formed an agreement with the right-wing nationalist Slovak National Party and the Social Democratic Party ,”Voice” to work together as partners in a new administration. Mr Fico is now waiting for the President of Slovakia to swear in the new government.

“Voice” the Social Democratic Party is pro EU and not as ‘pro-Ukraine’ as the other Parties which are not going to form part of the new government. “Vice” is, however, likely to be a moderating influence of Mr Fico.

Slovakia is now expected to take a similar view to Hungary and not provide any military assistance to Ukraine or to allow such aid through its territory. Indeed, the Slovak President has already ordered the stopping of military and financial aid to Ukraine during the interregnum, stating that the out-going government has only limited powers.



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