Matthew Gordon-Banks

A Birthday is for Comtemplation

Yesterday was the birthday of Matthew Gordon-Banks. 
Here are a few of my thoughts following much contemplation.
It was a miracle I survived the 2008 huge bombing of my accommodation in Pakistan; working for a UK Gov Dept. Over 50 were killed, inc US servicemen, and many others injured. It led to my serious complex PTSD breakdown in 2015-17 but some positive ‘advance to contact’ from 2018. The crater left by the bomb outside my bedroom window was a massive 20 foot deep. My room collapsed into the hole. 10 years later the brains behind the explosion was killed by a targeted US drone attack. I was lucky solely because a ‘ close colleague’ thousands of miles away broke ‘protocol’ to continually message me with an unspecified warning.
I am quite sure that those that carried out the bombing had their good reasons and I actually understand what some of those reasons were. In diplomacy ‘dialogue’ is essential. To even stand a chance of success you need to understand your foe.
I have spent much of my life working with Moslems so to quote from the body of Jewish civil and ceremonial law and legend is unusual. However, I try and remember much of the time that “He who saves one life saves the world”.
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