Matthew Gordon-Banks

Catastrophe in Ukraine?

This week POTUS approved a further $325m of AID for Ukraine, that’s is not military aid, that is aid to keep a collapsed nation going, and it is only 4 days after a further £2.1Bn military aid was approved – the 40th package approved on behalf is US taxpayers. Is anyone still arguing this is Not a proxy war? Here’s the truth.

In the last 10 days of the Ukraine offensive they have lost 15,000 troops. Most of the western tanks supplied are destroyed. Infantry have entered minefields, been slaughtered & on withdrawal been caught in mines laid from the air. It is catastrophic.

Perhaps t is time we said thank you for your courageous efforts, to the Ukrainians, but we need to stop the slaughter of other peoples lives and find a negotiated settlement. We won’t. Unless Biden is removed from office they may make Ukraine fight to the end.

Americans outside Washington are getting fed up. One of Trump’s strengths, we know his weaknesses, is that he understands Americans are feed up fighting wars overseas. The trouble is, I am far from certain that Biden’s people won’t send in western troops – turning a catastrophe into a disaster. And to think we could have stopped this before it even started.

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