Matthew Gordon-Banks

All Change after Slovakia election

The Smer-SSD Party, led by former PM Robert Fico has won Slovakia’s parliamentary elections. 

At the weekend it looked as if the Smer-SSD party had a clear lead with almost 24% of the vote despite exit polls suggesting victory by a liberal centrist party. The liberal Progressive Slovakia party, came in with about 17% of the vote, and the pro-European Hlas party, which is likely to form part of the next government, or at least decide who is in office, came third with 15%.  Talks about a coalition could be complicated as the new parliament consists of members from Left libertarians to far-right.

Smer is a Left-wing political party and has pledged an immediate end to military support for Ukraine. Quite what that means, is not known at this time. Mr Fico insists the only way to stop the war in Ukraine is through peace talks.

***Photograph of Mr Fico courtesy of @BBC


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