Matthew Gordon-Banks

The Only Two Options Left for Israel-Palestine

The Two-State solution I supported at Oslo 30+ years ago is no longer attainable: Israel has systematically, over many years, allowed “settlers” frequently from overseas, to take Palestinian land. Who would remove those “settlers” to help create such a Two-State solution? So what have we left?

The United States Biden Administration has sought to push Israel into a temporary agreement largely to ‘quieten things down’ ahead of the Presidential elections. It is not working; especially with an Israeli government coalition with parties forming it that have openly supported and advocate ‘ethnic cleansing’.

So, there are two alternatives. In the short to medium term Israel will escalate the conflict, which began many years ago and not on 7th October 2023. October 7th was a symptom of the conflict. Israel will escalate to a larger regional war including Lebanon-Hezbollah – and anywhere else it can include – in order to re-gain the fear it used to have of IDF supremacy and, of course, to keep the conflict going and the present government in office. They may be counting on the support of the United States to get them out of such a mess if they attack Hezbollah-Lebanon. In the past, better American Leaders told them to Stop.

When that escalation fails, if they do not go immediately to the second option which seems unlikely, they will need to look at the principles of Zionism, particularly the ‘special rights’ that Israelis rather than Palestinians ‘enjoy’. They will need to go and figure out how Israelis and Palestinians can live together without the ‘special rights’ which are in fact those of an apartheid state.

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