Matthew Gordon-Banks

Time to look again at our Defence Plans

People still talk up UK Defence as if it were near perfect. I am a great believer that moral is to the physical as three is to one. Yet hard decisions are ahead.

Throughout the summer-autumn period of 2023 I tried to get those interested in looking how, into 2024 and a possible change in Government, we could re-consider our requirements for Defence. Not what we might ‘want’ in Defence, but consider what we need; and frankly what we can afford against a background of some ‘threats’ which are rather over-blown.

It is acceptable to analyse and critique views, but it is not acceptable to make outrageous statements and make up, as some have, wild and untrue allegations simply because the message is not liked by some individuals; especially one who has never served in HM Forces. Nor is it attractive to belittle an individual who, until the beginning of this year struggled with complex PTSD; from service on behalf of UK in a number of conflict zones in the last twenty years.

There is some measure of personal satisfaction on my part that most of the things that I have said regarding Ukraine and international relations in general in the last six months are either already proven true, or are certainly on their way to being confirmed as true.

My remarks over the last couple of years have included “Ukraine will not join NATO, Ukraine will not join the EU, Ukraine is losing the conflict, Russia has weapons the West cannot currently shoot down, aircraft carriers are vulnerable even to one missile – especially when you do not have supporting ships & electronic counter-measures – that the West is largely to blame for the military conflict in Ukraine, even that some weaponry aimed at Russian targets have been launched from NATO territory and more”. All of these things are or will be seen as true. In addition the ‘fake’ staging of alleged Russian atrocities in Bucha is yet another example of western forces trying to frame a most awful narrative.

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